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Wendell Mitchell

Very wonderful job! Didn’t have my car for a long time and the service is wonderful! Highly recommended
Becky Green

They rebuilt my transmission, and it was still having some issues but to a much lesser degree. We brought it back and they tried a few other solutions but came to the conclusion that there was just something deep within my transmission causing the issue. They found and rebuilt another transmission, put it in and that was 1 year and 9 months ago! All is well. I HIGHLY recommend them as we had no trouble getting them to work hard to find the issues after they rebuilt mine the first time and when they could not, they made it right with rebuilding another transmission. My husband and I could not be more pleased with them. You don’t find this level of customer satisfaction much anymore!
Stacey Mickles

Love them guys

I had my 06 f250 transmission rebuilt a couple years ago by louisiana transmission. Now my 2011 f250 is getting worked on. These guys are honest, professional, and fair. I will always come here.
Kristen Cheveallier

Best experience you could ever get

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